What are the Best Budget Binoculars for Safari – Here are 5

Best Budget Binoculars for Safari

If you are a lover of wildlife and games, then a safari trip is usually a top holiday travel plan for you. Of course, to make your trip fun and memorable, you need a number of items in your backpack.

One of these is a good binoculars. Binoculars are one of the first things to pack when going on an African safari. There are many times when you will get close to the animals, but in most cases, you just will not be able to. Of course it is a holiday trip and not a suicide journey. So binoculars are important items that must accompany you on that trip.

Good safari binoculars definitely enhance your safari experience and allow you to see the animals up and close, no matter how far they are from you. Talking about good binoculars, obviously good things do not come cheap. Now, the challenge most safari tourists have is going for a trip that is in sync with their budget, especially if they are rookies.

This is why I have put this post together to help you. But whatever your budget may be, you should also be concerned about having the best that you can afford. Below are a few things to look out for in your search for binoculars for your safari trip:

  • Toughness: Highly sensitive and thin objective lens binocular is a no-no. Safari trips exposes binoculars to harsh conditions. Therefore, any binocular you will choose should be up for it.

  • Compactness: The African safari gives little or no room for drivethroughs, you will have to do a lot of walking. You do not want to carry heavy binoculars. Hence, compact binoculars come in handy. However, you would trade that for a wider view capacity that comes with bigger binoculars.


  • Magnification: Most of the animals might be too far for you to see. So You need a binocular that can bring them as close as possible.

With that in mind, below are my best picks of binoculars for a safari trip which are within a budget of not more than $200:


1. Kowa YF 8×30

Kowa YF 8x30

The YF 8×30 Binocular from Kowa Sporting Optics is a binocular with a stylish exterior and an optically excellent interior. It is smooth and sleek with strategically placed indentations in the rubber armoring, this glass delivers a secure and firm grip.

It has a closed hinged bridge with an eye-catching red line at the intersection of the bridge’s point-of-contact. It is fully multi-coated, highly reflective and phase coated.

The optics deliver crisp, clear, contrasted images with real color fidelity. With its compactness, it is still fogproof and waterproof, making it very suitable for your safari trip.

It has a wide-angle glass with the ability to scan an exceptional field of vision. The rubber armoring provides a secure and comfortable grip, as well as added shock-resistance.

The twist-up eyecups customizes your personal preferences with or without sunglassess.


2. Vanguard Orros 10×25 Binoculars

Vanguard Orros 10x25 Binoculars

The Vanguard Orros has objective lenses set at 5mm inside the ends of the barrels.

For a compact binocular, this is pretty good and will provide some cover from light rain and help stop dust and other dirt gathering on them. Vanguard Orros 10×25 comes with 10mm of eye-relief , which is not a problem for those who do not need or use their glasses whilst touring the safaris.

But for those who do, this will probably not be enough for you to wear them and get the full field of view through the bins.

With a minimum of 4cm (1.6in) and a maximum of 7.5cm (2.9in), the Inter-pupillary distance adjustment is excellent and will mean that they will easily accommodate most people, including children and adults with eyes that are set close together.



3. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars


Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars

This Bushnell binoculars weigh about 2.2 pounds. This is about the size of a textbook or even a pineapple. It is that compact.

It has a RainGuard which is a water resistant coating that makes the exterior of the lens clear at all time.

This help you see the animals properly as they appear. It also has an anti-coating process that is made on every lens in order to allow the best possible light that comes from the front glass.

With this feature, the brightness and color across the spectrum are highly improved.



4. Pentax 9×28 DCF LV Binoculars

Pentax 9x28 DCF LV Binoculars

This is a very compact binocular with a weight that is so light that you can almost pass it for a plastic built device (but it is not).

It is waterproof to 1 meter which means that you might not go swimming with it, but it should easily handle most wet weather conditions as you are likely to find in most African safaris.

Note that waterproof binoculars not only prevent moisture from getting into them, but these seals will also stop any other small debris and dust from getting into the system which could lead to the view through them being spoilt.

The twist-up mechanism on the Pentax binoculars is excellent. It is very smooth and has 4 fixed stops, meaning that eyeglass wearers have a good amount of flexibility when adjusting the eye-relief to suit their exact needs.

The maximum of 18mm of eye-relief is excellent.


5. STEINER Binoculars Safari UltraSharp 8×22

STEINER Binoculars Safari UltraSharp 8x22

The Steiner UltraSharp 8×22 take little storage space, but they offer clear images and fast adaptation to any environment. The colour rendition is stunning.

Steiner brings binocular optics to a new level, but what is even more important is that they do so by keeping things affordable. This is one of the most compact binoculars in the market. You just have to fold them, and they will fit perfectly in your jacket pocket.

It gives high performance optics and amazing contrast. Even though small, this device delivers some really sharp and colourful images. Its efficiency comes from the new optics mechanisms developed by Steiner.

The imagery you get with these Steiner Safari Binoculars is sharper than ever and vividness is out of this world. Even in the most difficult of lighting conditions, the Steiner will come through.


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