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10 Hunting Gears Every Hunter Will Need in the Safari

Best hunting gears

Preparation is a key component in having a successful safari trip. Part of preparation is to put your hunting gears together. There is a long list of gears to take with you on your African safari trip, but not all of them will be relevant to you in the end.

You do not want to carry more than is necessary and at the same time ensure the every gear you need is in the pack. Beyond the endless hours of food plots, trail cameras, scouting, and practicing, a look into your gear and actual hunting preparation might go unnoticed.

Nothing is near more important than what goes into your hunting pack. Even though the main purpose of a gear list should be focused around ultralight gear, you should still carry a minimum amount of safety items and gear that ensures you can survive in pretty much condition that Mother Nature throws at you.

I suggest you also carry a few backups. Continue reading

10 Safari Men Costumes and Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Best men safari costumes and accessories

The safari trip is one that has its special features. It is not just any fun trip to spend the holiday, it is more like an adventure. You are going to be up against condition that are not common within your immediate environment.

This is why there is need to get prepared for what you are about to face out there in the wild.

Many of the animals are not friendly, so you need all that you can to achieve your safari goals. To do this, there are costumes and accessories that you must have with you as you make a trip to the wild reserves in Africa. You need to put them in your checklist and ensure you have packed them before you leave.

In selection of costumes, you need to put a lot of things into consideration; weather, terrain, the kinds of animals and so on. Not forgetting that hunting has a tradition and these costumes help you fit into the hunting culture. The key phrase is “dress-down”. Continue reading