5 Things to Add to your hunting camp kitchen to turn it into a game processing factory

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Hunting is fun, especially when you have harvested a sumptuous game. If you are a safari hunter, you will know that there are several reasons people embark on a hunting expedition.

For some, it is to bring back a trophy like a horn, animal head or even the whole body. For others, it is to enjoy it with a nice venison while in the hunting camp. If you fall in the latter category, then this post will help you. To process games such as Deers, you need some items in your hunting camp kitchen.

These item will not only help you process the game, but also prepare a delicious venison to go work it. A lot of hunters and chefs have argued on what makes a good venison.

However, it all balls down to having the right items in your camp kitchen.

There are numerous items, but will just look at the top 5:

1. Meat Slicer

manual meat slicer

Meat slicers are helpful to have in your hunting camp kitchen, as they make preparing the harvested game easy. However, it is important to find one with lots of power and the right design components to serve you effectively in the open reserves.

In searching for a high quality meat slicer for your camp kitchen, you have to ensure you find one with enough power. Generally, any slicer with at least 250 watts is well equipped to work with any type of meat.

Knowing the kind of meat you will be using the slicer to cut, make sure you buy one with the right blade type to serve that purpose. Slicers typically come with either a serrated blade or one with smooth edges, though each have their benefits.

Serrated blades are ideal for slicing tough meat, but they can potentially leave vegetables with jagged edges instead of a clean slice. Smooth-edged blades, also known as non-serrated blades, work best slicing through lean meats and vegetables, but they can struggle to cut tough meats without obliterating them.

If you have plans of slicing other types of foods, consider buying an additional blade that you can switch out as needed.


2. Meat Grinder

best Meat Grinder

If you are one of the many hunters who are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle while camping out in the wild, then there is nothing as good as a meat grinder to help you attain your goals.

A good meat grinder is a good way to prevent unwanted additives and chemicals from making their way into your venison. When you grind your own meat, you avoid the preservatives and other rising agents that you would risk having when you grind outside of your camp kitchen.

Grinding your own meat comes with many advantages; you can control the thickness of the grind, and you always know exactly what is in your food. A grinder gives you control of what you eat , and it allows you to avoid unwanted chemicals. It is a great tool to help you improve your venison recipe.



3. Meat Mixer

best meat mixer

After you are done with grinding the meat, you have to make sure that it is seasoned very well before you cook it or grill it. While doing so manually is okay, it can be very tiring.

Fortunately for you, there are meat mixers that are made to mix meat properly without the mess of cleaning your hands and your counter.

Meat mixers are simple tools, usually hand-powered, although electric models are available, that mix the meat and spices without you having to stick your bare hands into the meat.

This limits bacterial contamination. Meat mixers are also better for larger quantities of meat as you are likely to encounter in your hunting expedition. A full Deer is a real job to mix by hand, especially when you add in the time limit of 10 minutes, which is as long as you can handle the meat before it begins to warm to critical levels.

If the meat is from more than one animal at a time, then a meat mixer is definitely something you should consider having in you camp kitchen.



4. Meat Dehydrator

best meat dehydrator

The dehydrator is one of the best tools you could have when processing your safari Deer jerky. Dehydrators work by passing heated air over the meat to remove moisture in order to dry it to a Meat Jerky.

There are two types of dehydrators you will find in the market. The first is a unit that has a fan mounted on top or bottom of the trays and blows air vertically through the trays to dry the meat.

These units tend to be round and less expensive. The professional style unit has a fan at the rear of the unit and blows the air horizontally over the meat from the back of the unit to the front. These units tend to be square in construction. Any one of them comes in handy to give you a nice Jerky from your game.


5. Camping Stove

Best Camping Stove for Safari

If you find dehydrated meat very unsatisfying, then you should consider taking a camping stove with you on your safari trip. A good camping stove does not have to be complicated to be great.

It should cook your meat and other basic cookings quickly, be rugged enough to withstand travel in the back of a car, and not require a burdensome amount of fuel to run.

Now, I need to point out that these are not all you need for the best hunting experience, there are quite a number of other items. However, if you have these basic items in your camp kitchen, then you will be able to transform it to a game processing factory.


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