10 Hunting Gears Every Hunter Will Need in the Safari

Best hunting gears

Preparation is a key component in having a successful safari trip. Part of preparation is to put your hunting gears together. There is a long list of gears to take with you on your African safari trip, but not all of them will be relevant to you in the end.

You do not want to carry more than is necessary and at the same time ensure the every gear you need is in the pack. Beyond the endless hours of food plots, trail cameras, scouting, and practicing, a look into your gear and actual hunting preparation might go unnoticed.

Nothing is near more important than what goes into your hunting pack. Even though the main purpose of a gear list should be focused around ultralight gear, you should still carry a minimum amount of safety items and gear that ensures you can survive in pretty much condition that Mother Nature throws at you.

I suggest you also carry a few backups.

Below are 10 essential hunting gears you must carry on you next African safari:

1. A Good Pair of Boots – Here are the best Ones

Best boot shoe for Safari

The hilly and rocky terrain of most African reserves is such that you need to protect your feet at all times. This is because the smallest blister on your leg can ruin a memorable hunting expedition.

Obviously, good boots are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

A cheap pair of boots is likely going to be a toast for fast rocks and sharp shales. Some of my hunter friends really like the Kennetreks and La Sportiva’s, but the Lowa Tibets are great to have.


2. Gear Ropes – Here are the Best Ones

Best Gear Ropes

As uncommon as it may sound, nothing is quite worse than getting to the tree stand on a cold brisk hunting morning only to realize that you have no rope to haul your gear.

This can be frustrating, especially for climbing tree stand users, and an upset for ladder or hang-on hunters. Always remember to include a 30 feet rope in your gear pack for these scenarios.


3. Best Rain Gear

Depending on what part of Africa you are going for your hunting expedition, your rain gear needs will differ. However, in Africa, the rain has the potential of catching up with you at any time.

So, you might need to have a rubberized or pvc type rain gear. Some of the breathable rain gear out there is light and works great when you can dry it out frequently, but the problem with all of these fabrics is that they are not actually waterproof.

In sustained weather, the fabric will eventually become saturated, and at that point it becomes worthless. The vast majority of the time you can get away with using them in mild showers, but it might fail the time you need it the most.



4. Best Headlamps For Safari

Best Headlamps For Safari

Who says the hunting fun cannot be extended into the wee hours of the day?

This one is a must have for any deer hunter. You always need a headlamp or two. The best combination is usually a bright LED and a dull red light.

The red light is great for walking in and out undetected, while the bright LED is great for blood trailing. So, the fun is not time restricted.



5. Best Rifles For Safari Hunting

Best Rifles For Safari Hunting

Since all of the African hunting that have been done thus far has been with a rifle, a riflescope should be right up there on your gear list. I will strongly recommend the Leupold VXIII 2.5-8×32 scope with the CDS turret.

It is lightweight with plenty of magnification for any reasonably ethical range, and with the custom turret, all you have to do is range the target, then crank your elevation up to the clearly marked yardage setting. As far as value, ease of use, and toughness, these come in handy.



6. Best Snacks and Water For Safari

Best Snacks and Water For Safari

Oh yes, the hunting expedition can be exhausting. So, having some snack and water in your backpack will not be a bad idea at all. Some hunters look down on other hunters who need a little snack in the stand as weaklings.

But everyone gets hungry as well, and it is not bad to have a little power bar to punch you for that extra hour or two! Always remember to include some water in the items you should have in your deer hunting pack.

Do not just throw in a water bottle, they can be very loud once the water is gone, if you can use a hydration pack or quiete plastic bottle.



7. Best Camping Stove for Safari

Best Camping Stove for Safari

If you are hunting for long duration of time, it is likely that you are not going to pack enough sandwiches and summer sausage to carry you throughout, so a stove is a must for cooking.

There are a lot of good options out there, but a few things to consider. Most hunts will allow for a compressed gas stove, and they are pretty hard to beat.

One favorite, of course is one of the jetboil stoves.

There are several models, and they are pretty affordable. Hunting some places in, Africa especially, require flying commercial, and you can’t count on being able to purchase compressed fuel canisters at your destination. So if you’re looking for a great all around stove, I’d recommend the Primus multi-fuel stove. You can use Primus canisters, but you can also use white gas, diesel, gasoline, or kerosene if it comes down to it.


8. A pair of Binoculars – Here are the Best Ones

Best Binoculars for Safari

Most, if not all, hunters feel incomplete without a pair of binoculars around their neck.

Binoculars is definitely one of the items you should have in your hunting pack, they can be useful from identifying bucks, aging bucks, or to finally settle whether or not that odd looking log is really a log or a deer!

You know what I am talking about, don’t you?


9. Best Trekking Poles

Best Trekking Poles for Hiking

Sure, many hunters have successfully gone hunting without them. But the first time I used them, it really helped me especially when I had to trek long distances in search of a game.

Even just bringing one helps tremendously when side-hilling or packing heavy weight in steep terrain and/or loose rocks. They are also great for stream crossings.



10. Best Mobile Power Station

Best Mobile solar Power Station

You definitely would not want to totally disconnect yourself from the world outside the wild, so you just have to carry along a mobile power station.

Remember, a well prepared safari trip has all the potential to be a memorable one.


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