10 Safari Men Costumes and Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Best men safari costumes and accessories

The safari trip is one that has its special features. It is not just any fun trip to spend the holiday, it is more like an adventure. You are going to be up against condition that are not common within your immediate environment.

This is why there is need to get prepared for what you are about to face out there in the wild.

Many of the animals are not friendly, so you need all that you can to achieve your safari goals. To do this, there are costumes and accessories that you must have with you as you make a trip to the wild reserves in Africa. You need to put them in your checklist and ensure you have packed them before you leave.

In selection of costumes, you need to put a lot of things into consideration; weather, terrain, the kinds of animals and so on. Not forgetting that hunting has a tradition and these costumes help you fit into the hunting culture. The key phrase is “dress-down”.

As I have stated, safari is not a fancy affair by any means, and even the most luxurious camps will not expect you to dine in anything fancier than khaki pants and shirt. You truly can survive with enough clothes to last you 3 days and plan on getting your clothing laundered. With that out of the way, below are costumes and accessories for men who are embarking on a safari.

1. Best Safari Trousers/Pants

Safari pants

Trousers are the best companions for most men on an African safari.

They are warmth, protective from insects and bushes, and comfortable. Safari trousers are your best options for a safari anywhere on the African continent.

They come in neutral colors, are made of comfortable material and have numerous pockets for carrying your bits and pieces.


2. Best Safari Shorts

Safari Shorts

Shorts in similar fabrics and makes as the trousers stated above are also good, especially for game drives and nature walks in open plains.

For game drives, birding, hiking, gorilla trekking, mountain climbing, and most other activities these should be comfortable.



3. Best Shirts For Safari

Shirts For Safari

For the African safari, you can find a lot of safari shirts being sold in safari stores around your neighborhood or online in the event you that you do not have one close by.

These come in neutral colors, comfortable materials, and with lots of pockets. Casual cotton shirts, both long and short sleeved are really good. You can pack some of these.

Again easy neutral colors. While white is neutral it is not practical for the African wilderness. There is so much dust and your white shirts will get dirty really fast. So brown, grey, green, beige, is the way to go.


4. Best Safari Boots

Best boot shoe for Safari

Safari boots are very important. And special attention needs to be paid to the safari boots especially.

Your choice of boots must be good for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and most activities in the wild, these are quite necessary for every man on safari.

Buy your boots way before your trip and break them in so that you feet do not get blisters from unworn leather on safari. Get your feet and toes used to the boots. Make sure they are well fitting and have enough toe room especially if you are going mountain climbing.

When you are trekking down the mountain, your toes are constantly shoved further into the boots, so you need enough toe room to be comfortable.


5. Best Jackets for Safari

Best Jackets for Safari

It is usually cold in the morning and late evening in most wild reserves in Africa, so you will need to pack a safari jacket or even a bush jacket. These are mostly needed for the early morning game rides in the park.

Remember to keep the colors natural and the material must be good enough to provide you with enough warmth. Jackets with multiple functionality will work out for you on your trip, you can easily move with small items such as binoculars, guide books and camera.



6. Best Safari Hats

Best Safari Hats

Safari hats come in handy especially when it gets too hot and you need to protect your face from the scorching sun. Get yourself a safari hat with a wider brim that can enable you spot animals at a distance.

Characteristics of a good safari hat must have a breathable material to allow perspiration. Waterproof hats will be good for the sudden rains. Your hat must be firm on your head and so you need a chin strap so that the wind doesn’t blow it off.


7. Best Sunglasses for Safari

Best Sunglasses for Safari

On an safari you want to be able to see everything, the African sun can sometimes make that difficult with its very harsh glare, so keep your eyes safe and carry your sunglasses.

It is best to get a polarized pair of sunglasses, so you will be able to spot to interesting wild animals easily even with the sun glaring at its best.



8. Best Sandals For Safari

Best Sandals For Safari

These are not for general use in the bush as you are going to want to protect your feet from poisonous snakes, thorns and rocky terrain. They are mainly for bathing and walking around the camp.



9. Best Binoculars for Safari

Best Binoculars for Safari

You may not be able to get as close as you want to some of the animals. A pair of binoculars is a must have. It will help you view distant animals up close.



10. Best Cameras for Safari

Best Cameras and lens for Safari

Needless to say that an adventure in the wild will not be complete if they are not captured in pictures. You should have a camera as an important accessory for your safari.

I believe the if you have these costumes and accessories with you, you are going to enjoy every moment spent in the wild.


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